Why hire a Professional Home Organizer? 

Deciding to take action and hire a Professional Organizer to assist you with decluttering and organizing your home is taking a HUGE step in leveling up your life. Not only are you taking care of your home, but you're also taking care of yourself. Organizing is self-care and self-care creates a sense of security, enhances your overall well-being, and it boosts self-love. Big time. 

Hiring Make Space Now is a positive step towards creating a life filled with more love and a sense of contentment. It's my honor to teach and coach you how to organize and create habits and systems that fit your unique style.   

How is working with Make Space Now different than working with other Professional Organizing Companies?

My passion and vision for you is a clutter-free, functional home, organized to your unique style, not someone else's. Many Professional Organizing Companies offer a quick solution and organization to their style and don't take into account what works for them may not work for you in the long run.

When the Professional Organizer leaves, your house is organized, but soon the clutter comes back rearing its ugly head and this can leave you feeling down, wondering why you can't tame it. 

Working with Make Space Now you'll discover your unique organizing style. I'll teach you mindful, practical techniques to help you form organizing habits and systems that positively fit your lifestyle. You'll also learn the emotions behind the disorganization that often leave you feeling hopeless and defeated. And I'll coach you through the rough patches, like stagnation and decision fatigue, so you can let go of emotional ties and evolve your mindset about stuff, so you can create lasting change.

How much is hiring Make Space Now going to cost me? 

The price is going to depend on how much stuff you have and how willing you are to work on your space between sessions. Investing in organizing sessions with Make Space Now is an investment in your well-being and quality of life.  

If you live far away or cannot meet in your home, then my Virtual Organizing Sessions are for you.! The First Session is $80 and additional sessions are priced at $40/hr available in 1-3 hour sessions. I recommend at least 2-hour sessions at a time so you feel like you've got some work done. The time goes quickly. 

What is your process? I don't want to be pushed to throw anything out. 

My organizing sessions are a minimum of 4 hours and sessions are typically scheduled in either 4 or 6 hours per day. Short breaks to grab a drink are recommended. I'm going to pull, gather, and sort your items in the space we are working in and place them in categories. For example, if working in your closet space, shirts, pants, and hangers will go in their own categories.

Next, depending on the type of project,  I'll work alone or we'll work together as a team and I'll help you pinpoint what you want to keep and what goes. This is the most important part of the process and often times the most difficult, for some. I am kindly firm, like a loving big sister. I meet you where you're at and I am patient. I will not toss out anything without your permission.

With that said, you are hiring me for a reason. Our working relationship is built on a foundation of reciprocal trust and respect. I'm here for you as a non-judgemental, objective professional to help you move forward  in your life. Making sound decisions = PROGRESS. And when you have less stuff and systems in place to organize your items, you will be able to breathe easier, have an inner sense of calm, and have the confidence to maintain your home.

Once everything is bagged up and ready to go, I'll assist you in locating new homes for your items. After you've purged you're going to feel lighter,  your space will feel lighter, and you'll be inspired to help me organize your keepers according to your unique style. 

How do I get started? 

Let's chat by phone or zoom and discuss your current situation and we can determine if Make Space Now is a good fit for your goals. Click here to book your free 20-minute phone call or text me with a few days/times we can chat during the week at (321) 312-7959.

What is "Space Planning"? 

 Do you have a goal of transforming one of your cluttered rooms into a newly refreshed space but don't know where to begin? Make Space Now will assist you in clearing excess items and afterward will assess your cleared-out space for ideas of your new look. We'll plan the big picture down to the details. I'll help you with product recommendations for a polished finished look.  

Do you have business insurance? 

Yes Make Space Now has business insurance. 

Will my sessions be confidential? 

YES. I respect my client's privacy. All your information and our conversations are kept private. Make Space Now does use before and after photos for marketing purposes. Your name is never attached to the photos. If you do not wish your photos to be used, you may opt-out during the signing of the MAKE SPACE NOW client agreement form. 

Do I need to be present in the home when you're working on my stuff ? 

Yes. I do not work in homes unless the owner is present. During the initial stage of pulling everything out and placing it in categories, I do not need you present in the room. Depending on the type of project, generally, when it comes time to make decisions on what you want to do with your items and where you want them to go, please make arrangements to be present with me. This is a teaching/coaching process and your presence, full attention, and input are so important to your success.

How do I prepare for our session? 

By hiring Make Space Now you are taking action towards creating a better quality of life. We work together as a team during the decluttering and organizing phases, and to make the most of our time together it's incredibly important you are fully present with me. This is your self-care time and I'm going to be right along your side, caring for you as well.  

If you have children and animals please make arrangements for them to be out during our sessions. Please no deliveries of groceries during our session, limit phone calls, texts, etc. You get the idea. I'm flexible with my schedule and I work weekends to support those who work full time during the week.

Organizing sessions are generally scheduled in 4 and 6-hour increments. 

If you have items you know you're going to donate, go ahead and put those in bags and I'll deliver the donating items to the local thrift store for you, up to 5 bags for no charge. If you'd like, a tax receipt will either be given to you next session or I'll mail it to you.

Depending on the area we will work on, go ahead and do a general cleaning. For instance, if we are working in your kitchen, please have the dishes cleaned so we know what we are working with and if we are working in a closet with clothing, please have the laundry done. No need to deep clean. 

I kindly request any weapon(s) you have be put away.  

What areas do you service? Can we work virtually?

Within 40 miles of Indialantic there is no fee for travel. Beyond 40 miles, there will be a $25 round trip  fee added to session price  for travel time and gas for each session. I'm happy to travel to Orange, Seminole, Indian River, St. Lucie, and Martin counties. 
I love working virtually. If you choose to go this route, after our initial phone call, please submit photos and videos of the area(s) you need help with along with a brief explanation to [email protected]


What forms of payment do you accept? 

Make Space Now accepts Zelle, Cash, and Checks. Payment is due at end of each session. 

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