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It was a pleasure working with Christina on our organization and de-clutter plan prior to a big move. She handled a difficult situation with grace and class.

I would highly recommend her for organizing and getting your stuff (and life) in order. She demonstrated a great combination of assertiveness and patience!! Thank You Christina!!

-Alex T.

Christina did a fantastic job  for me with my closet! For years, tackling my closet was an overwhelming task that I just could not take on myself.

Everyday, my closet completely stressed me out. I hated having to search for clothes or anything else I knew was buried in there. I got to the point where I had enough and she came to my rescue!

Christina was so patient, kind, understanding, supportive, efficient, and extremely organized! She helped me accomplish my goal and I'm happy to report that my closet is still clean and organized! She's the best!

-Sarah S.

I had been trying to grow my business in a cluttered guest room that zapped my energy. I tried to tackle it myself, but I got distracted and overwhelmed.

Christina not only created space for my business-she held  space for me. She heard my vision for the space and made it even better than I had hoped!
She helped me finally say goodbye to items I hadn't touched in years.

We tossed four trash bags' worth of stuff and donated a full carload. We put everything back together in a clean, simple system. Now, when I step into my office, I feel like a capable, creative business owner-thanks to her amazing guidance!

-Mary T.

We are so thankful for Christina. I've been dying to have my garage organized since I moved into my new home about two years ago. It's really hard for me to do on my own.

For some reason I never make the time and what I don't use in my living quarters, ends up in my garage. So, needless to say it was a big mess from the move and everything.

She came and worked her little butt off for a few days and it was truly amazing how she left it. Now I am not ashamed for friends to see my garage. Highly recommend Christina! Thank you so much!!

-Belkis C

Christina really spent a lot of time and energy to help me get my office arranged. She listened to my specific needs, then she helped me research ideas on social media, helped me locate local vendors with supplies I could use, and kept my budget in mind.

Even though we are on opposite coasts and separated by a 3 hour time difference, she made it a priority to set up Zoom meetings that fit my schedule.

Christina was very encouraging and offered so much insight to help me overcome my personal roadblocks. She talked me through the clutter I had collected to where I finally felt comfortable in letting go of things I don't need anymore. She helped me build a space where I feel peaceful and inspired, where I can comfortably work and create art.

-Sylvia F

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